Dating Coaching


A healthy and fulfilling intimate relationship can be one of life's major joys. Dr. Rodman enjoys helping single clients find partners, and improving their confidence levels and communication skills with the opposite (or same) sex.  She provides dating coaching, which is not therapy or mental health services, but can be equally if not more useful for those whose primary issues is meeting and connecting with others. Although everyone can find dating daunting, it can be particularly intimidating post-divorce, and Dr. Rodman can help divorced clients navigate the dating world as well.


Dating coaching can be done via phone, Skype, or in person.  It is a more informal approach where Dr. Rodman acts in a coach role, collaborating with you to determining your individual dating goals, your strengths and weaknesses, and how you can best communicate and connect with potential dates across a range of venues.  The skills you will learn can help you connect at bars or parties, when online dating, or even when interacting with people you meet in your daily life.  

Dr. Rodman helps you learn what verbal and non-verbal behaviors draw others to you and allow you to put your best foot forward.  Your confidence will grow and you will be able to connect emotionally without relying on stale small talk.  So many people are hampered by a lack of self-confidence and a genuine lack of knowledge about how to approach.  In reality, approach, communication, and connection skills can be learned just as easily as any other skill you've learned on the job or in other aspects of your life.


Dr. Rodman enjoys dating coaching because it is much more light hearted, brief, and targeted than therapy.  She receives feedback that her sessions are useful, informative, and fun!