Video Counseling/ Teletherapy/ Phone Coaching 

In the COVID era as well as in general, many people prefer video or phone sessions.  This modality works well for busy clients or those who find it hard to commute to my office in person. Remote sessions also work well for parents, who can meet with me after their child is in bed (or when an older child is occupied in another room), allowing them to save on babysitting. 


If you cannot access services in person, don't let this stop you from getting help that you need. Video counseling can feel awkward for the first few minutes, but every client I have worked with adapts much more quickly than they expected.  I have done video/phone sessions with clients who are traveling for work, and who are in their cars on their lunch breaks.  If couples wish to use video, two people can be conferenced in from separate locations.


Personally, I also like phone, which allows us both to walk around and stretch our legs; for people who were raised in the pre-video-call era, phone can also feel more comfortable.  

Let me know in our initial contact which modality you prefer for remote session!