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Adult Children Of Dysfunctional Families Group

This telehealth group is designed to support individuals who grew up in dysfunctional homes (read this for more). 

  • Did your parent(s) struggle with depression, substance abuse, anxiety, traits of Narcissistic or Borderline Personality Disorder, and/or a conflictual or unhappy marriage?

  • Do you feel like your upbringing​ stopped you from learning what "normal" is?

  • Are you sometimes angry or disappointed in yourself that you can't just "get over" your experiences as a kid?

  • Do you still struggle with interactions with your family members today, and/or have you gone low/no contact and struggle with this?

  • Do you feel that you are constantly seeing links between your childhood and your current functioning, in relationships, as a parent, at work, and more, and this is frustrating and upsetting?

  • Does your partner, who grew up differently, sometimes not understand why some things are so hard for you, despite you seeming so "normal" most of the time?


This group is for anyone that any of above statements resonate with, from those who grew up in chaotic alcoholic families to those who grew up in families where the emotional neglect was more hidden.

We will work on processing your experiences in a supportive group atmosphere, understanding the lasting impact of childhood stress on later functioning, developing self-compassion and self-acceptance, boundary setting and healthy communication of needs, understanding emotional neglect, "parentification," and other dynamics that occur in dysfunctional families, and develop concrete skills to manage ongoing relationships with family members.

The group will be for both males and females. It will be 4 weeks long, at 2pm on Fridays from Friday May 6 to Friday May 27. Rates are $125/session.

Open to residents of all PsyPact participating states (see this list). To see if you can submit group therapy receipt for reimbursement from your insurance provider, you can give them the service/CPT code: Group Therapy - 90853. ​

Email to enroll!

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