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"Coming From Money" or
The Impact Of Intergenerational Wealth

Dr. Whiten works with many individuals who struggle with the impact of having grown up with family money, and the effects of this on their self-concept, and later marriages. Some couples find it challenging to create their own identity when one partner has a great deal of inherited wealth. Some struggle with class differences in marriage. Many struggle with individuating from their families of origin, particularly if these families have been very generous. 

If you find it embarrassing to verbalize that there are complexities or even down sides of growing up with "privilege," then therapy can help you understand that any sort of upbringing that comes with unspoken rules, expectations, and strings (even when parents intend to be only generous) can be difficult. Additionally, managing others' perceptions of your background, can feel complicated and difficult.

People who come from money often share characteristics of adult gifted children, including worries that you are not living up to your potential or making use of the opportunities given to you, comparing yourself to others, struggling with understanding what "normal" is, and feeling like an outsider looking in at others who seem to be living more "authentically." Additionally, inheritors of wealth can feel that others underestimate their own effort or work and assume that everything must have been handed to them, which can be upsetting for those who are trying to form their own work/family identity.


Family dynamics inside very wealthy homes can be unusual and insular, with sibling dynamics growing more heated than in other families. This is partially due to the "special" identity of the family, which defines the narrative. Finally, if the wealth was earned by a living parent or grandparent, interactions with this individual can be difficult for many reasons, including feeling "out-alphaed." 

If any these points resonate with you, and you have experienced issues with self-worth, identity, relationships, parenting, or family relationships related to your unique upbringing, reach out to work with Dr. Whiten!

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