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Dr. Whiten works with adult children who are estranged from parents and/or other family members, and with parents of adult children who have gone "no contact" or "low contact."  Sometimes, these relationships can be healed and sometimes they cannot. Dr. Whiten is highly skilled at helping parents of adult children deeply hear and understand their children's perspectives for often the very first time, and can also help the adult children have a fuller understanding of their parents and why their childhood happened the way it did.  

Whether you are the parent or the adult child, if you want to process and work through your grief, anger, or unresolved feelings about your past, current, or future relationship with one another, please reach out. Dr. Whiten understands these issues well and is usually an age between the adult child and the parent (born 1981), which can help with empathy and the ability to explain both sides. Reconciliation may be possible, or at least closure and moving forward.

Read these posts to help you gain an understanding of Dr. Whiten's approach and style:

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