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High Achievers/Highly Intelligent People/

Gifted Adults

Dr. Whiten has a particular interest in the issues facing high achievers, highly intelligent people, self-made men and women (and entrepreneurs), and adults who were identified as gifted children.  Specifically, she has had great success working with physicians, attorneys, CEOs and PhDs of all types. When helping these individuals, a therapist can help many many other people because of the huge impact these high achievers have on so many others (employees, clients, business partners, patients, etc.).

There is a lot of overlap between high intelligence and mood disorders.  There is also a great deal of shared variance between the constructs of sensitivity, intelligence, and creativity.  The same traits that work for you in your career may unfortunately undermine your happiness in other life arenas.

Many people who succeed in all other areas of life still find interpersonal relationships to be challenging.  It can also be lonely to interact with people who feel that you are being difficult just because you don't see the world the way they do. Many individuals who were gifted children tend to have issues when they reach adulthood and are unsure if they have or ever will attain their potential.  

If you or a partner (or a child over the age of 16; she does not work with younger children) is a high achiever or a highly intelligent person who still feels stuck in certain arenas, it can be very useful to speak to a therapist with experience dealing with these unique issues. Dr. Whiten was a gifted child, an Ivy League graduate, obviously has her PhD, and works very productively with highly intelligent people and their outside-the-box thinking style.  This in no way indicates she is pretentious and be prepared for her to curse in session! :)

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