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Within couples, sex and physical intimacy can become battlegrounds, fraught with resentment and frustration.  the higher libido partner may feel angry and betrayed.  The lower libido partner feels overwhelmed and pressured. This can sabotage your marriage.


Dr. Whiten has worked with many couples to rekindle their sexual connection.  (Including many situations where the woman is the higher-libido partner.)  Often, outside the box thinking is required, and open sharing of sexual thoughts and desires.  Although this may feel impossibly awkward for many couples, therapy can facilitate open sharing about sexual matters that can be a first step toward more passion and connection. 


Dr. Whiten will work with you non-judgmentally and creatively to help you and your partner envision and build a sex life that makes both of you feel more fulfilled.  Many sexless marriages can be helped, and physical intimacy is never a hopeless goal.

With individuals, Dr. Whiten finds it particularly rewarding to be a supportive presence for those who have previously found themselves reluctant to confide in others, due to concerns that they may be judged for non-mainstream interests, backgrounds, experiences, or preferences.  She appreciates the opportunity to treat clients of all sexual orientations, including polyamorous and asexual.  Dr. Whiten is sex-positive and familiar with kink and non-monogamy. You can read Dr. Whiten's hundreds of posts about sexual issues here.

Dr. Whiten is able to non-judgmentally and directly discuss issues such as non-mainstream fantasies, fetishes, and practices, online affairs, sexual addiction, history of sexual abuse and/or incest, and current and past infidelity.  Many individuals wish to explore the roots of these issues or at the very least to know they can be discussed openly (even if they have no relation to the focus of counseling), without fear of being pathologized.  After this, clients work gradually on owning their sexuality and incorporating it into their life and relationships.

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