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Parenting Issues

Despite their intentions to be loving and attentive parents, many people struggle with raising their kids in a way that makes them feel proud and confident .  Parenting can lead to anxiety, self-doubt, guilt, exhaustion, loss of identity, and marital conflict. You can read Dr. Whiten's articles about these issues here.


Having a baby, particularly for those with unresolved issues about their own upbringing, can open old wounds that you may have hoped you had "gotten over."  As children age and parents aspire to be positive role models, feelings of insecurity and sadness about children witnessing marital issues may be the primary concern.  Addressing children's difficult behavioral issues is also a major stressor for many parents; Dr. Whiten can help you understand appropriate boundaries, especially if you were raised in a less-than-ideal environment yourself.

Spouses/partners who were raised in different environments often come into conflict about appropriate ways to parent, discipline, and create a loving home.  Furthermore, today's extraordinarily high standards for involved, attentive parenting can often cause more harm than good (read about overfocus on kids here).  

All of these concerns can benefit from open discussion with a therapist.  Dr. Whiten is a parent of three children (pictured above; three in 3.5 years).  She has both the training and personal experience to help you explore the origin of many of your current parenting challenges, as well as to help you take practical and gradual steps to work on parenting challenges. 

Only children, when adults, sometimes find certain challenges in life and interpersonal relationships.  Often, these revolve around difficulties with boundaries and wanting very intense connections. Dr. Whiten is experienced with working with adult only children and their unique perspectives and issues. 

If you have issues bonding with or liking your baby or child, you are not alone. First, read this article on this taboo topic, and then reach out. Shame may have stopping you from seeking treatment till now, but it doesn't have to stop you going forward.  Dr. Whiten can work through the issues that are preventing you from enjoying parenthood and work together to help you be the parent you want. She has helped many parents feel loving and close to their children, and this is one of the most meaningful transformations that she can witness in therapy.  It is her honor to facilitate a more loving bond between parents and their baby or child.

If you are separating or divorcing from your co-parent, you are likely feeling overwhelmed, stressed, angry, frustrated, and lonely.  It is hard to work through these emotions while communicating to your child in the healthiest way possible about his or her changing family structure. Dr. Whiten's book, How to Talk to Your Kids About Your Divorce, addresses all of these issues, and she would love to help you through this challenging time.

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