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Coaching For Therapists In Private Practice

If you are feeling stuck as a therapist, whether you're a psychologist, social worker, counselor, or other, then we can consult about how to move forward. Growing your practice means marketing as well as setting fees and schedules with confidence. Dr. Whiten can help you build your ideal practice, whether this means bringing your talents to a wider pool of potential clients or branching out into book/blog writing, podcasting, or other areas. 

Consultation about any area in which Dr. Whiten specializes can also be very helpful. Even one session can provide a new and different perspective. She gets right to the point and is a proactive and directive presence during consults.

Lastly, has private practice not been working for you? We can discuss if you are getting in your own way, or if a different career path would be more viable for you.

Testimonial from coaching client:

"Dr. Whiten is the perfect resource for anyone looking to build their practice. She shaved at least 6-8 months off of the time it would have otherwise taken me to become booked, thanks to her excellent marketing, outreach, and management guidance.


She is hilarious, insightful, and not afraid to pull any punches. You won't pay for lengthy discussions about philosophy—you will get direct, actionable steps that will lead to a successful, rewarding practice in a fraction of the time you would otherwise take."

Dr. Crystal Shelton

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