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Are You A Narcissist?

Are you told by others that you are self-centered and unempathic? I work well with successful people who cannot make relationships work with others because they are thought to prioritize their own needs.  Often goes along with high achievement, ADHD, substance or sex addiction, anger issues and more.

Read my post here about what to do when YOU are the narcissist. So many people secretly agree with others' assessments of them, including their selfishness and lack of empathy.  However, they have no idea how to change and stop their relationships with partners, children, coworkers or friends from eroding.  I do not believe the pop culture narrative that narcissists cannot change.  Self-centeredness is often a learned response that was highly adaptive in your upbringing, but ruinous now. Through insight-oriented, cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal techniques, I can help you work on this personality style through not only concrete behavior change but deeper values-driven work.

I am not afraid to call out high-achieving, "difficult" individuals and maintain a fast paced and challenging session style that works well with particularly those high achieving narcissistic individuals who do well at everything in life EXCEPT deep intimate relationships. I also work with narcissists in couples' treatment, which I describe in this post (also published on PsychCentral's professional site).  Here, again, I am opposed to the conventional narrative that narcissists cannot change; I have helped many do so in genuine and authentic ways.  This can transform marriages and stabilize relationships that have always been high-conflict. 

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