Therapy, coaching, or consultation sessions via video are $425.  If you choose phone, sessions are $400. Intake or initial sessions are $550. All sessions are 45 minutes although often couples choose double sessions.

Exception to 45 min sessions:


I work with many high-powered people who have extremely busy schedules and many work and family demands.  For people who need to rely on the ability to access me at any time, I offer concierge service for $550 monthly retainer, which gives you access to me via at least a 15 min phone call (prorated at $130) or an email exchange within 24 hours of contact (and usually within 6 hours or less).  You also have preferred access to scheduling full length sessions when I have extra openings.

Example: you have weekly Monday sessions, but Tuesday you have a stressful issue arise at home.  Rather than wait six days or email me in the hopes that I have a cancellation, you would be guaranteed a 15 min session within 24 hours, or I could help you solve your issue via email.  You would also "skip the line" for any openings that emerge in my schedule when other clients cancel.

This concierge contact (phone or email) is prorated at $130 for 15 mins.

I work best with clients who respond well to my deeply engaged approach to counseling.  Every minute is accounted for and you never leave session without something to work on or think about.  I work hard to bring new insight into our work and the pace proceeds accordingly. 

I have been told by clients that they accomplish more in my first session than in months or years in prior therapy.  I work well with motivated, proactive people who want to get the most possible out of every session together.  Homework is frequent, whether this is reading, thinking about something differently, or trying out a new behavior.  Sometimes I also have a session with your partner even if we are in individual work, this is up to you and is done to give me 360 degree insight into you.

do not accept insurance, although you may be able to submit your receipt for reimbursement from your insurance company. Please call your insurance and ask about your reimbursement rates for out-of-network providers. (Phone sessions are never covered, nor is coaching.) 

I have opted out of Medicare and can see Medicare clients if they pay out of pocket and do not submit to Medicare.

Individual couple workshops for those seeking a quicker and more intensive approach are available on a limited basis, but are not reimbursed by insurance.
Select sliding scale patients are accepted based on financial need, e.g. college student, single parent, etc.
Dr. Rodman accepts cash, check, and credit card.  Credit card (including HSA or FSA card) is accepted via IvyPay, which is a HIPAA compliant credit card servicing company for therapists.

Testimonial From Coaching Client:

"Thank you so much for your input about this! It has really made me think about my worries from a different angle. I agree, and I am grateful that my husband and I have each other now, and have a lot of years ahead of us. I really thank you for your words of wisdom!"